Experience & Service You Can Trust

BMA West Medical Financial Consultants is a faith based organization with over twenty years of Workers Compensation and multi line insurance experience and affiliates in Atlanta and California. BMA West Medical Financial Consultants is confident in its Medicare Set Aside and related services. Our firm assists counsel, insurance carriers, self-insured employers, and third party administrators nationwide in settling insurance cases while preserving the injured worker's Medicare eligibility. We are committed to bringing our clients timely, accurate and affordable services. We know your concerns and are committed to meeting them.

  • We do not mass produce reports.

  • We provide a comprehensive consultation on each case.

  • We use Registered Nurse specialists to devise allocations.

  • There is no tiered pricing. All MSA reports are priced the same no matter what the complexity of the case!

We do not charge RUSH fees!

BMA West Medical Financial Consultants prides itself in providing personal service and Medicare Set Aside consultation to its clients. Our clients include national insurance carriers, third party administrators and self insured Fortune 500 companies.

We believe that claims professionals are dissatisfied with the current choice of MSA vendors who mass produce allocations and charge exorbitant prices. That’s why our consultations are comprehensive and take the entire settlement picture into account. Our fees are affordable and reports timely and accurate. That’s all our clients ask for.

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